CO2nnsulting is an engineering and environmental design consultancy based in Hong Kong that provides a full range of services in support of passive and low-energy design for the built environment.

Dr. Yuen founded CO2nnsulting in 2008, and believes in delivery of the best quality to clients wanting to build sustainable developments.  Dr. Yuen was raised in UK and worked in a number of global environmental engineering consultancies on international landmark projects.  Dr. Yuen hopes to infuse the international experience gained to local and global low carbon projects.

Prior to CO2nnsulting , Dr. Conn Yuen, founded and headed WSP Energy Asia in 2005.  Dr. Yuen directed the local team of specialists and engineers on the way forward towards sustainable developments.

Approach to Environmental Design

Starting from a blank piece of paper or from architectural preliminary conceptual sketches, we adopt a holistic approach by analysing the site-specific primary potential and constraints and incorporating microclimatic responsive massing and build forms.  At the building level, we explore opportunities to mitigate or harness undesirable impacts that steer the developments away from carbon neutrality.

With expertise in building physics and airflow, we design from first principles and create living machines that pave the way forward to zero climate change.

We use state of the art computational fluid dynamics software, dynamic thermal modeling and solar geometry and daylighting software.  With extensive research experience in solar irradiation, renewable energy, daylight, heat transfer and air flow, we apply innovation to our practical and economic solutions.