Design Philosophy

Starting from a blank piece of paper or from preliminary architectural conceptual sketches, we adopt a holistic approach by analysing the site-specific primary potentials and constraints, and incorporating microclimatic responsive massing and build forms.  At the building level, we explore opportunities to mitigate undesirable impacts or harness natural resources to steer developments towards carbon neutrality.

Our expertise in building physics, daylighting, airflow, renewable energy technologies, coupled with our state-of-the art computational fluid dynamics, dynamic thermal modelling, solar geometry and daylighting simulation tools, enable us to provide innovative, practical and economic solutions. 

Dynamic Thermal Simulation

CO2nnsulting leverages its state-of-the-art simulation tools and proven expertise to explore building skin options, solar control strategies and active & passive ventilation strategies to lead developments to zero carbon status.

Fluid Flow Study

CO2nnsulting is a leading expert in fluid flow, and has an internationally acknowledged track record in air ventilation assessments and pedestrian wind assessments.  We use computational fluid dynamics to guide the design process.

Solar and Daylight Analysis

CO2nnsulting applies state-of-the art simulation tools and proven expertise to harness sunlight, and develop daylighting strategies.