Dr. Conn Yuen founded CO2nnsulting in 2008.  Dr. Yuen passionately believes in providing clients aiming to build sustainable developments with bespoke state-of-the-art consulting services.

CO2nnsulting is a proud participant of the CIBSE CARBON/OFF 2009– 100 Hours of Carbon Clean Up campaign. The campaign aims o raise awareness of actions organisations can take to reduce the carbon emissions of their buildings and significantly reduce the cost of their energy bills. The 100 hours of Carbon Clean Up campaign is to inspire and enable industry to take action to cut their buildings carbon emissions by providing businesses with the tools to make carbon savings. 

At CO2nnsulting, we practice that we preach. CO2nnsulting is a carbon zero organisation. The consolidation of the CO2nnsulting office has achieved LEED®GOLD in 2013. CO2nnsulting is the first boutique consultancy to achieve IPlanet Positive, CO2nnsulting is a member of USGBC, IWBI and BEAM Society limited.